Biography of the band

Noxin is a five-piece band from Hrvatsko Zagorje, Croatia, formed in 2001 after the disbandment of The Lost. Members include Sebastijan Fuštin (vocals), Emil Gredičak (guitar), Mladen Barbić (bass), Vedran Medić (drums) and Robert Kuščar (keyboards).

The lineup was complete after the band persuaded Emil Gredičak (The Lost) to rejoin his old friends after eight years. A single lineup change has been made after that point, when Goran Popović was replaced by Tomislav Piljek. Goran went on to pursue his interests in other musical projects as well as photography. Tomislav Piljek (Thee Larche) stepped in, which was another wish come true for the band. The second vocalist, Darko Kopajtić, withdrew from the active lineup at the very beginnings. Due to many family and school obligations, Noxin have not recorded a lot of material to his date. From the live appearances, the majority of which took place in Zagorje, the gig at the Antidora festival in 2001 in Tvornica, Zagreb is certainly worth mentioning. So are the gigs on the farewell tour of Shamrock Rovers in Sax, Aquarius and Pauk in Zagreb in September and October of 2003, then the gig on the Tabor Film Festival in Tuheljske Toplice with Gustafi, and the tenth annual HGF festival in Bedekovčina.

Noxin is known for collaborating with many of their musician friends. Loše vijesti features Ivanka Mazurkijević (Stampedo), Davorin Bogović sang in RS 110S, Arieb Azhar (Shamrock Rovers) sang in Priča o velikoj grešci, Jakša Kriletić Jordes (Jinx, Ihthis) plays the saxophone in Zašto pametni nikad nisu u modi, while Tomislav Goluban (Little Pigeon's ForHill Blues) plays the harmonica in Mito i korupcija. Miro Odak (Krug) was the guest vocalist in Stakleni grad and Nikola Ćeran plays the violin in Sjene. Maja Posavec (Detour) was the last to enter the studio with Noxin to record Da ljubav je. Ljudevit Grgurić Grga, a well known radio and TV personality also lent his voice for one of the tracks on the album.

The band is currently working on the material for the new album and plays at selected concerts.